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Love is basic needs of human life

But not everybody understand it, because it’s not all people could feel being loved or thought that love is just an illusion.

I personally do not blame such opinions, because everyone gave an opinion in accordance with what they feel, they experience or that their personal experiences.

Here are tips from me on how to be loved are:
1. Accept your self as you are
If we can not accept ourselves, how other people can accept ourselves ?
2. Living in love
I mean in everywhere, we must show out our love, so people around us can feel              loved,   too (the love that I mean not only love for girlfriend or boyfriend)
3. Living in mercy
I mean never save other people’s mistakes, forgiving each other, putting each other in apologizing.
4. Do not forget to smile
This is the simplest thing, because the smile indicates friendliness.

If we want to be loved, we have to love and do it first for others

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