I always miss you

I know the way you go through, does not always straight, does not always wide, does not always safe. but I always be with you, make sure that you are safe and sound. I never fall in sleep when I’m watching you. And I want you are stepping move.

Sometimes you are complanning about the journey that you have been through. You feel that you go through by your own self, You say that I do not care about you anymore. It does not true, I always care about you, I always there for you, even you forget to call my name.

It is hurt when you trust anyone more than me, but it can’t making me to stop loving you, because I really love you more than you can feel it or say it.

I know every tear drops and every heart beats in you, without words can say, because you are near my heart, in my heart.

I will never leave you alone, bacause I can not do that. My love bigger than your false. so please come to Me.

I really miss you so much.

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