Maybe, you never know

How much precious what you have done unto me

maybe, it is an ordinary thing for you

but not to me

I am who almost shut down my heart to all of man

you changed my mind

since you present in my heart

since you sit by my side

Truly you never promise anything, moreover you keep silent

but what ever you have done has explained so clear enough

You give me trust

whenever I didn’t believe in trust anymore

Don’t you know, I am so tired with all they have done to me

They don’t love me, they don’t care to me

But desired me only they used me without willing to know

broken my heart so painful

I don’t know what love is

I am loosing it  much more,

There is no truly love, but God’s love, mom and daddy’s love

At the first moment, I don’t want to open my heart to any man — even You

You don’t realize how hurt is my life

but You made me so meaningful, so precious and make me life

that’s  way I love You

I love the way You hold me tight

I love the way You kiss my forehead

I love the way You look at me

I don’t care whatever the said about us

that all our wonderful world

and I can feel, I can touch, I can grab that You are not just an ordinary man

thank to the Lord that He send the another saviour of my life

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