Started to Plan the Home Theater System

Right now I am just doing the sketches and thinking about the budget. Obviously if you were some Hollywood mogul you could spend as much on a home theater system as a real movie theater would cost, but like most people I have to live within my means. I already have directv. I got it before I moved here, pretty much since the first time when I had my own place and the landlord was not going to say any thing about me putting an antenna for the satellite signal on the roof. In this case the dish is under this fake rock out beside the well house. That was the only place where I could really get a clear view of the piece of the sky where I needed to point the thing. There are a lot of trees in this area and aside from the fact that they would cost a fortune to remove them, they are mostly in the neighbor’s yard.

At any rate I got a great deal on this house and it has a totally unfinished basement in it. You could roller skate down there now. On one side there is a big two car garage and I am obviously going to build a work shop over there. On the other side of the stairs there is plenty of room to build a big home theater room. I am going to put the TV up against the back wall, because there are two sliding glass doors that let in a lot of light. You would be able to fix up a set of drapes obviously, but it is not going to look right, but so long as the tv is not right there you will be fine. I am guessing that a projector would be the best solution.

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