The Best Workout Routine for Beginners

what s in shakeology watch this video from the maker of shakeology and ...One of the most important questions that a person should ask when intending to begin a weight lifting regimen is “What is a good beginner’s workout routine?” (also consider our Shakeology reviews!). We have all been in that position at one time and trying to find an answer that works for us can be a challenge.If we go to the local gym we are likely to see people who seem to know what they are doing. Then there are the walls of mirrors that line the exercise room making it more difficult to start when we don’t really know what we are doing or how to do it. This can be very intimidating, so we find ourselves asking “Why bother?” The answer to that is the obvious gains we will enjoy.

It is a fact that weight training done on a regular basis will result in strengthening of our muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It also can help us to increase our fitness levels, shed some extra pounds, and strengthen our cardiovascular system. For those of us who are more interested in strengthening and toning, high repetitions with low weights help us to achieve those goals. If you are more interested in building muscle mass, low repetitions with higher weights will do the trick. Now it is important to determine what exercises to do and what weights to use.

The two most common mistakes that plague a beginner’s workout routine is performing the exercises improperly and using too much weight. Doing this will lead to diminished results and the possibility of injury. It is of utmost importance to do the exercise correctly and to use the appropriate amount of weight. In summary a beginner’s workout routine starts with educating ourselves on the “how to’s”. This enables us to set realistic goals and achieve the results that we are looking for. There are many fine instructional programs available to help us in this quest and this author highly recommends finding a good program before we don the shorts and cinch up the sneakers.

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