The Energy Infrastructure Found in Texas

Despite the thundering power of our economy in the United States we are seeing prices continuing to rise (even with the price of gas on the down) while the average paycheck is less than it was 30 years ago. For an individual that is in a situation like mine living paycheck to paycheck, making enough to pay the bills becomes a weekly challenge. You hope beyond hope that the price for your electric doesn’t go up when suddenly you get the bill in the mail and it’s up $20. Moving to Texas I found Power to Choose Dallas, the best choice I could have ever made for myself.

In my home state we were only given one ‘option’ for our utilities. They covered everything that a house could ever need. This might simplify things but in reality it only makes it that much more difficult for those of us who are struggling to put food on our tables. The electric bill is the most expensive bill that most of us dread each and every month so if our provider decides to increase the cost of electricity we find ourselves having to scrounge for our change. It’s not a pleasant situation to find ourselves in.

At least in Texas it’s not like that. There’s far more here than just a single company. We have the ability to choose between at least a dozen different companies all competing in various markets within the entire state. This allows for pricing competition that, for us, is a God send to say the last. Now if the price goes up on my utility bill I can make the decision to cancel with them and instead look toward one of their cheaper competitors on the market. More states need to adopt the same principles that the Lone Star State has.

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