The Fight Between Consumer and Corporation

After growing tired of the cable old cable company making a mess of my bill, I decided that it was time for something new. I ddin’t want to have to cut the cord like so many of my friends have been doing so instead I called Dish Network to see if they were operating in my error. The great thing about Dish Network is that they work on an entirely different business model. They were pretty awesome when I called them compared to Comcast who I went in circles in for months. They messed up my bill so often I thought I was going to go mad.

It’s ridiculous that the cable companies have been given this much power in the first place. There are clearly not enough options in the market right now for consumers to choose between which has allowed Comcast and Time Warner to fix the price of their cable packages to whatever they deem fitting. We need more competition to drive prices down as well as competition for innovation. The cable TV experience hasn’t changed in decades. Only the content changes but the medium that it’s being served to us from is the same bland cable experience.

They could do so much more with their cable infrastructure. With their access to the cables that deliver digital broadband to homes they could shape the experience to whatever they see fit. They could tailor individual customers cable packages to what the customer wants rather than forcing everything into bulk packages. They’re going to have to adapt to the changing demands that their customers are making from them but so far they have stubbornly refused to do so. It’s going to end up being a very long fight between customers and the corporations but I think consumers will ultimately prevail.

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