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Beautiful in White by Shane Filan (Westlife)

shane filan

Not sure if you know this But when we first met I got so nervous I couldn’t speak In that very moment I found the one and My life had found its Missing piece Reef: So as long as I live I love you Will heaven hold you You look so beautiful in white And […]

I am your Angel by R Kelly

R. Kelly

No mountain’s too high for you to climb All you have to do is have some climbing faith No river’s too wide for you to make it across All you have to do is believe it when you pray And then you will see the morning will come and everyday will be bright as the […]

One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey

mariah carey2

Sorry I never told you All I wanted to say And now it’s too late to hold you ’cause you’ve flown away So far away Never had I imagined Living without your smile Feeling and knowing you hear me It keeps me alive Alive Chorus : And I know you’re shining down on me from […]

Glory of Love by North


Tonight it’s very clear As we’re both lying here There’s so many things I want to say I will always love you I would never leave you alone Sometimes I just forget Say things I might regret It breaks my heart to see you crying I don’t wanna lose you I could never make it […]

Dealova by Once

Aku ingin menjadi mimpi indah dalam tidurmu Aku ingin menjadi sesuatu yg mungkin bisa kau rindu Karena langkah merapuh tanpa dirimu Oh karena hati tlah letih Aku ingin menjadi sesuatu yg selalu bisa kau sentuh Aku ingin kau tahu bahwa ku selalu memujamu Tanpamu sepinya waktu merantai hati Oh bayangmu seakan-akan Chorus : Kau seperti […]

Cinta Pertama dan Terakhir by Sherina


Sebelumnya tak ada yang mampu Mengajakku untuk bertahan Di kala sedih Sebelumnya ku ikat hatiku Hanya untuk aku seorang sekarang kau di sini hilang rasanya semua bimbang tangis kesepian Chorus 1 : Kau buat aku bertanya Kau buat aku mencari Tentang rasa ini Aku tak mengerti

Kita Satu by Bobby one way

bobby one way

Kaulah satu tulang dari tulangku Yang kuimpikan selama hidupku Tuk bersanding denganmu Penuh asa lewati suatu masa Berdua kita t’lah jalin bersama Satu ikatan cinta, indah terasa Lewat kasih mulia, Dia yang kuasa Reff: Kini kita satu dalam Menempuh hidup baru Hatiku hatimu penuh kasih memadu Kini kita satu dalam Meraih indah cinta itu Dan […]

Thank God I found You by Mariah Carey

I would give up everything Before I’d separate myself from you After so much suffering I’ve finally found a man that’s true I was all by myself for the longest time So cold inside And the hurt from the heart it would not subside I felt like dying Until you saved my life Chorus 1: […]

The Way You look at Me by Christian Bautista

christian bautista

No one ever saw me like you do All the things that I could up to I never knew just what a smile was worth But your eyes say everything without a single word chorus ‘Cause there’s somethin’ in the way you look at me It’s as if my heart knows you’re the missing piece […]

We Could be in Love by Lea Salonga


Be still my heart Lately its mind is all its own It would go far and wide Just to be near you Even the stars, shining up bright I’ve noticed when you’re close to me Still it remains a mystery. Refrain 1: Anyone who’s seen us Knows what’s goin’ on between us It doesn’t take […]

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