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a story of poor little girl

Long time ago… there is a little girl who live in a big mansion. She live with her loyal servant, her cat, and some doll’s, she didn’t have any true friend. all of her friend’s only want her money, so she leave her friend’s “I still have my cat and my doll, so I won’t […]

It reflects…

While we drawing, it reflects our true feelings, right….?? When we feel happy, we draw a warm smile…. When we feel sad, we draw tears…. When we falling in love, we draw a blushing face…. When we feel disappointed, we draw a dissappointed face…. When we angry, we draw chaos…. When we feel lonely, we […]

River Flows in You

I Think I’m falling in love again Since I found you I never knew why it could be But I can’t lie with my heart That I love you You like the river flows in my heart You give hope when seem no hope You give strength, when I’m weak You give me light when […]

Only Love

pegang tangan

When you’re falling in love, you will always see beautiful thing in him or her When you love someone you will think that you can’t life without her or him When you see he or she cries, your heart cry too, ‘cos you can feel her or his heartbeat. When she or he hurt you […]

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