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Note to God

If I wrote a note to GOD I would speak whats in my soul I’d ask for all the hate to be swept away For love to overflow If I wrote a note to GOD I’d pour my heart out on each page I’d ask for war to end For peace to mend this world […]

Thank God I found You by Mariah Carey

I would give up everything Before I’d separate myself from you After so much suffering I’ve finally found a man that’s true I was all by myself for the longest time So cold inside And the hurt from the heart it would not subside I felt like dying Until you saved my life Chorus 1: […]

Akhirnya lolos juga

Setelah 2 kali mencoba apply kartu kredit BCA, akhirnya diapprove juga, benar-benar suatu keberuntungan karena memang dengar-dengar kalau mau ajuin aplikasi kartu kredit di BCA itu syaratnya termasuk sulit dan ketat, karena benar-benar akan dicek sebelum akhirnya disetujui. Ane membuat kartu kredit ini bukan untuk senang-senang atau untuk hura-hura melainkan untuk kebutuhan ane, makanya ane […]


A week without news… I am lost in blues waiting in distress deep in… lovesickness A week without you the wine is off-taste Star fall, the moon ebbs unnamed is sadness, in separation I miss you daily inside a cocoon flooded is my soul A week of silence I feel resentment Ablaze are letters With […]

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