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Everytime You Kissed Me by Emily Bindinger

Emily Bindiger

Everytime you kissed me I trembled like a child gathering the roses we sang for the hope Your very voice is in my heartbeat sweeter than my dream we were there in everlasting bloom Roses die the secret is inside the pain winds are high up on the hill I cannot hear you

Nothing can say

When You beside me I spechless, ‘cos I don’t know how to speak I only silent, keep silent Every words can says gone away Gone with the wind Only you and me silent in the middle of the day Why…It would be happen I want speak a lot of with you But if you beside […]

Only Love

pegang tangan

When you’re falling in love, you will always see beautiful thing in him or her When you love someone you will think that you can’t life without her or him When you see he or she cries, your heart cry too, ‘cos you can feel her or his heartbeat. When she or he hurt you […]

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